Saturday, April 15, 2006

felted houndstooth purse

hey all!!

so after a long time of working on waaaayyy too many projects at the same time, i'm finally back with a finished project!! i made a felted purse in turquoise and yellow houndstooth...i usually don't make myself anything, but i was so excited about doing that this time that i finished it quickly! woo hoo!

this is in the midst of knitting it up...towards the beginning...i started with one "houndstooth" stich pattern, but that didn't look right at all, so i found another searching around on where else but craftster...liked this one much better!
here's the pre-felting shot...the floor looks really nice i might actually wash it the way i'm supposed to! : )

here's the post-felting shot!

as you can see it's a little long...but it's hotness!!

here's a close up at how the houndstooth looks post-felting...
let me know what you think!!