Monday, February 25, 2008

episode 7: the first knitting resolution update

the first knitting resolution update show notes!

stash and burn podcast –

it’s a purl man podcast –

forecast sweater by stephanie jappel –

serpentine coat by norah gaughan –

knitting nature –

the "sweater duster" is really the tilted duster by norah gaughan (go figure, i love everything she's done!) -

sticks and string podcast –

Sunday, February 10, 2008

episode 2: knitting resolutions

hey all!

so i actually have an idea of what i want to include in my show notes for this week! one thing i wanted to add to the part about my body shape is that not only do i have broad shoulders, a small waist, and large hips, but i have no boobs. below are links for things i mentioned in the podcast in this episode. i also added some links to the podcasts i mentioned in the first episode.

if you're interested in learning more about elizabeth zimmerman and her books, check out this wikipedia page:

to hear the math4knitters podcast, check out her blog:

you can see the fair isle sweater that i made based on the bad penny pattern at: and the original bad penny pattern at:

you can see the sari silk purse at: and the felted bag that came out too big at:

to read more on frogging:

podcasts that were mentioned in episode one:
- it's a purl man:
- sticks and string:
- cast on:

as always, please leave me feedback and comments!! i'd love to hear how the audio is coming out, what you'd like to hear about, and, of course, any ideas for my finished objects that i'm not using or wearing.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

episode 1: an introduction

hey all!

i suppose i should have some sort of show notes or something...not sure what to write notes about since the intro was really about me and the podcast. so...check out my blog to learn more about my past knitting. again, i'm zknits on both craftster and ravelry, so check me out! :)

i'd love any feedback on the sound and/or the content and any ideas you have for future podcasts!

thanks for listening!


since i haven't been posting in quite a while, i'm not sure that there's anyone keeping an eye out on my blog...even so, i thought it would be a good idea to make a short announcement that i've started a knitting podcast...i just recorded the very first episode tonight! i still have some things to figure out in terms of registering with itunes, etc, but as you'll notice, there's a subscribe to my podcast icon at the top of blog page.

hope you'll take a listen and let me know what you think!


catching up...with the small things

i've been mia for quite a while, so i'm now playing catch up it goes with the little stuff that's done...

simple black hat

shifting sands scarf for my roommate -

i really loved this pattern...oh and the yarn! it's malabrigo in purple grapes (i think)...

here's a fuzzy close up on the stitch work...

hot pink calorimetry for a co-worker in lamb's pride

oh and matching fetchings to go with the calorimetry.

scarves for girls! isn't the yarn fun! definitely need to be blocked, but they're paired with matching hats! don't you just love it!

here's one of the matching hats...

zig zag patterned hat that i made up

i'm not sure what this is called, but i saw the stitch on a sweater and decided to replicate it on a hat...the stitch pattern is k2, p1, k1 and then on the next row k2, k1, p1, so you have seed stitch between the ribbing...any thoughts?

and finally a hat for my bf's mother. it's based on the slouchy beret hat pattern on craftster, but done a little larger. the yarn is...who knows what...some kind of acrylic that i bought when i first started knitting and just used in some stash busting holiday present knitting.
that's all for now...