Sunday, February 10, 2008

episode 2: knitting resolutions

hey all!

so i actually have an idea of what i want to include in my show notes for this week! one thing i wanted to add to the part about my body shape is that not only do i have broad shoulders, a small waist, and large hips, but i have no boobs. below are links for things i mentioned in the podcast in this episode. i also added some links to the podcasts i mentioned in the first episode.

if you're interested in learning more about elizabeth zimmerman and her books, check out this wikipedia page:

to hear the math4knitters podcast, check out her blog:

you can see the fair isle sweater that i made based on the bad penny pattern at: and the original bad penny pattern at:

you can see the sari silk purse at: and the felted bag that came out too big at:

to read more on frogging:

podcasts that were mentioned in episode one:
- it's a purl man:
- sticks and string:
- cast on:

as always, please leave me feedback and comments!! i'd love to hear how the audio is coming out, what you'd like to hear about, and, of course, any ideas for my finished objects that i'm not using or wearing.


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