Sunday, March 23, 2008

episode 10: knitting tools

hey all!
show notes are below! :)

sticks and string:


denise interchangeable needles:

knit picks interchangeable needles:

knitting help videos (check out large and small diameter circular knitting and magic loop):

Sunday, March 09, 2008

episode 9: cool kid knits

hey all!
if you're interested in joining the yarn crawl of all nyc local yarn stores that will be starting in april, email me at going to the md sheep and wool festival? let me know!
show notes for cool kid knits below!






webs noro silk garden lite sale:

one additional note about knitting the clapotis with silk garden lite: because of the wool and mohair content of the yarn, the stitches do not drop as easily as if done with the yarn called for or something of a similar fiber content.

clapotis chart (click on clapotis spreadsheet on the right side of the page):


twiggy bobble hat:

m&j trimmings:

math4knitters podcast:

it's a purl man podcast:

md sheep and wool festival:

Monday, March 03, 2008

episode 8: short and sweet

short and sweet: the projects that keep us going...

first i should apologize for the change in volume in this episode...i actually paused the show for a while (i ate dinner) and came back to it and clearly i changed where the mic was in relation to my mouth...oopsy! notes!





lime and violet podcast:

stash and burn podcast:

knit science podcast:

eunny jang's entrelac sock pattern knit along:

pomatomous (wow! i really said that wrong!!):

fetching fingerless gloves:

dashing fingerless gloves:

peekaboo mittens:

pomatomus fingerless gloves:

short rows in purse:

it's a purl man podcast: