Friday, March 30, 2007

new head gear

hey all!

after some self reflection, i've come to the realization that i'm one of those half ass knitting bloggers who doesn't write for ages then posts like a million things all at once like i wasn't knitting every night in between all those i'm going to try to be better about 1) taking pictures of my fos, 2) taking progress pictures of my wips, 3) posting my fos on my blog and crafster, and 4) keeping good notes on my projects...we'll see how that goes... ;)

anyhoo here are some recent fos:

first we have a calorimetry for my fabulous roommate in amazing malabrigo purples...malabrigo is one of my favorite soft...such beautiful colors!

next we have a calorimetry for myself...i found the original yarn (filatura di crosa 127 print) on sale at a yarn store in the east village (i forget what it's called), so i had to buy the one skein needed...purty colors! now i want to make all my clothing out of this yarn...

this one is the lake park hat in patagonia nature cotton for my favorite californian resident...i'm adding this yarn to my favorites as's sooo soft and thick and lovely...

here's a close up for the very cool pattern:

these are hats that my friend asked me to make him...on the left is a cotton hat and the right leftover wool blends...