Sunday, November 05, 2006

razor tank

so i finally did the easy lace tank top that everybody on craftster's been trying! it's fabulous! i had to adapt the pattern cuz of the yarn that i used and ended up doing the body and then rip it out when i couldn't get it over my just wasn't as stretchy as i thought it would the pattern and it was a quick and easy knit! good way to use 3 skeins that would have otherwise been used for je ne sais quoi...

on's a snug fit...but in a good way!

kimono jacket

the kwanzaa present for my mom is done! it only took 2 weeks to complete...apparently my gauge was off cuz the jacket ended up being a little short...i added the bottom band of the contrast color to the jacket to add some length...i'm really bad at picking up stitches tho and so there's a little buckling on the left hand side of the jacket...i did some blocking, but it's still a little we'll see how my mom likes it and i'll make changes as needed i guess!

with a model
close up on the stitches...facing the wrong way

finished colorwork bad penny

so i finally finished this shirt that i started before...that is it was finished and i hadn't blocked the sleeves and sewn them's finally done! here's the beauty with all her bright colors and glory!

close up on the arm
me wearing it (excuse the pj pants)
back shot
clost up on the color work

in retrospect i should have done the colorwork in the round...but it still looks good! the color work makes the sweater thick and warm, so i think i'll get to wear it soon....probably tomorrow...woo hoo!


sari silk purse

a great circular purse pattern with amazing yarn! i was planning on making it for myself, but i'm not sure about that now that it's done...don't know why...maybe the crazed matching freak in myself thinking about what to wear it with....hahaha

side one:

side two:

close up on the stitches...

Friday, September 15, 2006

colorwork bad penny

what to do with pretty yarn?? so i've been obsessed with knitting sweaters recently...i made a wrap recently that i have yet to finish sewing up and a cardigan that i'm waiting on some yarn to finish...but in the meantime, i was contemplating what to do with this yarn...

here's what i decided on:

it's the bad penny pattern from knitty...just hoping i have enough of that aqua color to finish the whole thing!! if not, it'll be yellow ribbing on all the edges...

i'm really excited about this one, so let me know what you think!!!


maze patterned dress 2

dresses! woo hoo! so this one i finished a bit's the same as the pink and green maze patterned dress that i made before, but in turquoise and yellow and for the other girl's little sister...unfortunately, i didn't get to give it to her in person, so i don't have any pictures of the cutie pie wearing it...

here's a close up on the maze pattern...which is just a slip stitch and very easy to do!

this is a close up of the linen stitch straps...i really like the way the linen stitch looks...i think i'm going to have to try something larger with seems to hold very well for straps also...

finally...this is a close up on the cutest buttons ever that i used!! i love buttons!!! don't you??


hats hats and more hats!

hats!! so i haven't been completely m.i.a., just haven't been posting my finished here's part of what i've done recently...

the first came at the request of a friend who wanted a hat that looked like here it is! i'm not sure if it resembles a nipple or a condom more...please vote!

this one is simple and striped...cotton blend yarn...

and these are for my revolutionary....i'm actually going to take out the one to the left and redo it...

and that's the hats!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

felted houndstooth purse

hey all!!

so after a long time of working on waaaayyy too many projects at the same time, i'm finally back with a finished project!! i made a felted purse in turquoise and yellow houndstooth...i usually don't make myself anything, but i was so excited about doing that this time that i finished it quickly! woo hoo!

this is in the midst of knitting it up...towards the beginning...i started with one "houndstooth" stich pattern, but that didn't look right at all, so i found another searching around on where else but craftster...liked this one much better!
here's the pre-felting shot...the floor looks really nice i might actually wash it the way i'm supposed to! : )

here's the post-felting shot!

as you can see it's a little long...but it's hotness!!

here's a close up at how the houndstooth looks post-felting...
let me know what you think!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

maze patterned dress 1

after much labor, here are the results for one of the maze patterned dresses and hats i'm working on for my friend's nieces...unfortunately i'm JUST starting the other i'll be at it for a little longer...i wish i had all day to knit...everyday...what kind of degree do i have to get to go into that? ; ) close up on the maze pattern

the ensemble all finished and looking dandy despite a few errors on my part...

a close up on the bane of my existence (linen stich straps that took me longer than the actual dress to do!...okay...slight exaggeration on my part, but it was tedious!)

alice (the oldest of the two girls) in her new ensemble!