Friday, September 15, 2006

maze patterned dress 2

dresses! woo hoo! so this one i finished a bit's the same as the pink and green maze patterned dress that i made before, but in turquoise and yellow and for the other girl's little sister...unfortunately, i didn't get to give it to her in person, so i don't have any pictures of the cutie pie wearing it...

here's a close up on the maze pattern...which is just a slip stitch and very easy to do!

this is a close up of the linen stitch straps...i really like the way the linen stitch looks...i think i'm going to have to try something larger with seems to hold very well for straps also...

finally...this is a close up on the cutest buttons ever that i used!! i love buttons!!! don't you??


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Anonymous said...

I checked back to the pink and green dress on this blog but I still can't find a place where you mention where you got the maze pattern from ... maybe I missed seeing it?

Plese tell me.

Thank you,
Janey (Jane2 on craftster)