Sunday, December 23, 2012

episode 56: winter break knitting

hey all!

show notes are below.  happy holidays!!


little coffee bean cardigan by elizabeth smith -

my little coffee bean cardigan -

lion brand kitchen cotton -

lion brand cotton bamboo -

baby surprise jacket -

wombat schaltuch -

my wombat schaltuch -

cheesecake artfibers yarn -

abigail cardi -

belmont park hoodie -

brenda castiel designs -

custom knits by wendy bernard -

fit your knits craftsy course with stephanie japel -  [NOTE: classes were still on sale for $19.99 when these show notes were compiled!]

Saturday, November 17, 2012

episode 55: tales of a process knitter

hey all!

show notes are below.


classic lines cardigan -

knit picks shadow -

knit picks shimmer -

abigail cardigan -

quince and co., tern -

valley yarns, charlemont -

eyelet yoke sweater recipe -

brooks farm yarn, solo -

star crossed slouchy beret -

jill draper yarns -

baby surprise jacket -

happy fuzzy yarn -

loopy ewe yarn -

foliage -

brown sheep, cotton fleece -

artfibers, cheesecake -

Saturday, September 15, 2012

episode 54: cross country knits and ventures

hey all!

show notes are below.


crochet bath puffs -

kitchen cotton yarn -

madrona shawl by romi hill -

a verb for keeping warm -

malabrigo lace yarn -

snapdragon tam by ysolda teague -

ishbel shawl by ysolda teague -

quince and co. yarn -

citron shawl (which i accidentally called citrus shawl) by hilary callis -

schoppel volle lace ball -

Sunday, June 24, 2012

episode 53: beating boredom

hi all!

show notes are below.


knitwear magazine -

chickadee cardigan by pam allen -

chickadee yarn by quince and co. -

tern vest by pam allen -

lark sweater by pam allen -

osprey hooded sweater by pam allen -

addi turbo lace click needles -

downtown yarns -

madeline tosh lace yarn -

knit counter lite app -

ishbel by ysolda teague -

madrona by romi hill -

high twist yarn from a verb for keeping warm -

a verb for keeping warm -

Sunday, April 08, 2012

episode 52: not much knitting

hey all!
show notes are below.

granny square pictorial -

learn to knit continental by liat gat of knitfreedom -

baby surprise jacket pattern -

baby february sweater -

purl bee baby sweater -

Sunday, January 29, 2012

episode 51: live

hey all!
show notes are below.  enjoy!

knitajourney podcast with susan dolph -

2012 calendar of hope -

army of women -

vogue knitting live -

norah gaughan designs -

knitting nature by norah gaughan -

lisa souza -

skacel -

cirilia rose -

addi click sets -

knit picks interchangeable sets -

green mountain spinnery -

happy fuzzy yarn -

jill draper makes stuff -

amy detjen -

knitting with two colors by amy detjen and meg swanson -

yarn over short row shaping - [NOTE: this video does not show how to deal with the yarn overs upon the return row]

designing knitwear by deborah newton -

mother daughter knits by sally melville -

norah bellows aka noni patterns -

noni patterns blog -

ella revisited pattern page -

ella revisited KAL ravelry page -