Sunday, January 29, 2006

maze patterned dress 1

after much labor, here are the results for one of the maze patterned dresses and hats i'm working on for my friend's nieces...unfortunately i'm JUST starting the other i'll be at it for a little longer...i wish i had all day to knit...everyday...what kind of degree do i have to get to go into that? ; ) close up on the maze pattern

the ensemble all finished and looking dandy despite a few errors on my part...

a close up on the bane of my existence (linen stich straps that took me longer than the actual dress to do!...okay...slight exaggeration on my part, but it was tedious!)

alice (the oldest of the two girls) in her new ensemble!



Anonymous said...

Wow Z! Just happened to be browsing through blogger and there you were with your fabulous knitting still going strong.... quite a leap on from the old scarves and bonnets now?!

Anonymous said...

Umm, I meant 'browsing through blogger' in a good way, not a creepy kinda "ohh what can i find?" way

z said...

i'm starting to actually take the dives into new knitting challenges...i'm usually a safe knitter...sticking to the stuff i know...but i'm trying to expand and learn new skills...cables terrify me, so i think that's next! haha
and not taken in a bad way at all! i have certain people's blogs that i check up on too...haha

diosaperdida said...

you knit begorgeousfully.
And yes..linen stitch is awful tedious. I have tried on several occasions to have the patience to actually make an entire FO in it..and I just dont. Same with seed stitch and 1x1 rib.