Sunday, November 05, 2006

kimono jacket

the kwanzaa present for my mom is done! it only took 2 weeks to complete...apparently my gauge was off cuz the jacket ended up being a little short...i added the bottom band of the contrast color to the jacket to add some length...i'm really bad at picking up stitches tho and so there's a little buckling on the left hand side of the jacket...i did some blocking, but it's still a little we'll see how my mom likes it and i'll make changes as needed i guess!

with a model
close up on the stitches...facing the wrong way


marierafaele said...

your kwanzaa present present is very cute. Where did you find the pattern.

z said...

i found the pattern in some yarn came with the yarn for free if you asked for it...i'll post the pattern info when i get home tonight!

Glaistig said...

I bet your Mother will love it! Congrats on a creative solution.

Faith! said...

This is great! I really like new interpretations of garter stitch, plus the colors are luscious!