Monday, February 25, 2008

episode 7: the first knitting resolution update

the first knitting resolution update show notes!

stash and burn podcast –

it’s a purl man podcast –

forecast sweater by stephanie jappel –

serpentine coat by norah gaughan –

knitting nature –

the "sweater duster" is really the tilted duster by norah gaughan (go figure, i love everything she's done!) -

sticks and string podcast –


Anonymous said...

I hated seaming too, until I learned the mattress stitch. It's the only way to see what you are doing.The outside faces you and while you can fudge when you need to, I like that this method is very definite. Row for row, you know where to put your sewing needle. I don't think I could recommend this method more highly!!!!!!! Please learn it.

Norah Gaughan
(sorry I had to log as anonymous, cause I can't figure out how to log in with my wordpress ID)

Anonymous said...

Please don't add musical transitions to the podcast! Yours is just about the only one that doesn't include music. With voice only, I can listen to it in a room where someone else is sleeping, but even a few bars of music wakes them right up.

Anonymous said...

I am also one of the finishing "challenged" and the mattress stitch has helped tremendously. Small amounts of music are ok and I do fast foreword through any music. I find that the music is usually louder than the talking part. I want to just reach through my ipod and give you the name of the tilted duster or affirm a comment. Keep podding and I look foreword to listening.

nanettethenanny I can't seem to get through as a blogger! I am being drug into this century!!!

Charles said...

I just find your podcast on my friend Guido at "it's a purl man!"(He just talked about you!)
I just what to say..I really injoyed your podcast and hoping keeping a great job!

P.S. Also I have a Knitting Video Cast..Check it out see what you think? And shout out on your cast for me!

Thanks you so much!


z said...

thanks for the comments!

mattress stitch it is! :) is that really norah gaughan? i'm still in shock...haha

i definitely hear the strong response to the music on the podcasts, so i'm not going to make any changes to that aspect of the podcast until i hear more from others!


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