Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hat and scarf holiday presents

so i decided to knit a whole bunch of presents this holiday season and started early...go figure that not everything is done yet...i have finished a few hat and scarf sets tho...there's one missing from here, but it's waiting for the edges to be tucked in...my least favorite part of knitting...damn stripes! haha

this one was made of leftover random yarn...the hat is reversible...

of course i had to make a set for my friend's fiance also! :)

here's the reverse side of the hats

and a close up on the other side

this one is a personal favorite...it's an odessa hat with a matching scarf...had to figure out the whole knitting the round pattern flat thing, but it came out really well! (keep an eye out for an odessa patterned tank top from me!)


KeenJoy said...

Can you put up a pattern for those hats?! I would love to make one!


Lydia said...

Hey, I was so excited to see your Odessa tank instructions (I've been watching for that). Anyway, do you think you could put up the general maths for the scarf? Because I'm so in love with it...