Tuesday, November 15, 2005

what i'm working on...

i'm starting this blog a little prematurely seeing as i don't have any actual photos of my knitting thus far...that's what i get for not having a digital camera! i've taken a few on a friend's camera tho, so i should be able to post those sometime in the near future...i'm hoping to get a digital camera by the winter holidays and then i can take pictures of all the fabulous holiday presenst i'm planning to make...right now my yarn stash is bulging and i have about 5 projects in the works...

1) a leaf lace pattern scarf from vk (probably a winter holiday present)
2) a cute kiddie dress with a maze pattern (slip stich pattern - cool stuff! really easy to do!) from knitpicks (a winter holiday present)
3) a blue devil's hat from stitch and bitch that i started ages ago and then gave up when i got to the directions saying to pick up stitches (a winter holiday present)
4) a cardigan/shrug from magknits (i think that's what it's called...i dont' remember right now and the link is on my computer at work...but it's really cute!) it's my first real clothing item and i'm making it for myself, which means that i probably won't like it when i'm done...i'm hoping i have enough yarn to finish it up....if not, i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do
5) a scarf for a friend (again, probably winter holiday)

....i think that's everything that's in the works...i'll probably start with a hat with some intarsia (my first of that kind of project) that's going to be a winter holiday present tonight...

sometimes my attention span is short...i am making an effort to start working on the knitting i want to do for winter holiday presents tho...it's essential to finish those sometime before say february! i'm giving myself a little extra time if i need it...i'm usually late with those kinds of presents anyway...

wish me luck!

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