Sunday, December 18, 2005


continuing with finished products that i have pictures of....more hats!

i actually don't wear hats myself, so i tend to make them for other people....

this one is a holiday present to a friend of mine...the colors are less orange and more bright pink than this picture shows...the close up let's you see the stitch i was knit in the round...i love the yarn! it's funky and fun!

this other hat is another holiday present and my first attempt at intarsia...except that i didn't know about the twisting over of the yarn and so it was doing a strange gather so i literally cut and tied at every color change....the intarsia pattern is a rock on hand if you can't gauge was different enough from the original that i ended up just doubling the width and doing it at the same height...not sure that worked well, but that's what i did!

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