Sunday, November 05, 2006

razor tank

so i finally did the easy lace tank top that everybody on craftster's been trying! it's fabulous! i had to adapt the pattern cuz of the yarn that i used and ended up doing the body and then rip it out when i couldn't get it over my just wasn't as stretchy as i thought it would the pattern and it was a quick and easy knit! good way to use 3 skeins that would have otherwise been used for je ne sais quoi...

on's a snug fit...but in a good way!

kimono jacket

the kwanzaa present for my mom is done! it only took 2 weeks to complete...apparently my gauge was off cuz the jacket ended up being a little short...i added the bottom band of the contrast color to the jacket to add some length...i'm really bad at picking up stitches tho and so there's a little buckling on the left hand side of the jacket...i did some blocking, but it's still a little we'll see how my mom likes it and i'll make changes as needed i guess!

with a model
close up on the stitches...facing the wrong way

finished colorwork bad penny

so i finally finished this shirt that i started before...that is it was finished and i hadn't blocked the sleeves and sewn them's finally done! here's the beauty with all her bright colors and glory!

close up on the arm
me wearing it (excuse the pj pants)
back shot
clost up on the color work

in retrospect i should have done the colorwork in the round...but it still looks good! the color work makes the sweater thick and warm, so i think i'll get to wear it soon....probably tomorrow...woo hoo!


sari silk purse

a great circular purse pattern with amazing yarn! i was planning on making it for myself, but i'm not sure about that now that it's done...don't know why...maybe the crazed matching freak in myself thinking about what to wear it with....hahaha

side one:

side two:

close up on the stitches...