Thursday, November 22, 2007

responses to comments

i just had the realization that i haven't been at all responsive to the comments that people have left on my blog...i think originally it was because there were people leaving messages without an email or a way to get back to them and then i just lost track of the this posting is to respond to all the posts that i've neglected in the past! sorry folks!!

from kim about the odessa inspired tank top:
Hey, could this be done on regular needles instead of circular needles? It looks so neat, I want to try to make it, but I can't find my circular needles lol.

the tank top definitely could be done straight...i had to do the pattern straight for the scarf, so it's definitely possible. i think the flat stitch pattern i used is:

RS: *ssk, k6, yo, k2, repeat from*
WS: *p2, yo, p6, ssk repeat from*

from mandy g about the suss wrap:
i just cast this one on cause the pattern looked so cool on the model...but i'm concerned that because it's so wide it's going to be bulky to tie - did you find that at all? looks amazing by the way! (found your link on craftster)

the yarn is really super thin, so i haven't found it to be bulky at all...i tie it in the back when i wear it, which is sometimes uncomforable, but keeps it from being at all bulky...the way the model has it tied in the front could potentially be really not cute! haha

from Lydia about the odessa scarf:
Hey, I was so excited to see your Odessa tank instructions (I've been watching for that). Anyway, do you think you could put up the general maths for the scarf? Because I'm so in love with it...

see the stitch pattern above for knitting flat for the scarf. cast on however wide you want it to be in a multiple of 10 stitches and then go to town!

from Cynthia about the calorimetries:
Can you PLEASE email me and let me know how you made the purple calorimetry that's pictured next to the orange one? I've been trying to figure it out and haven't had any luck. I keep ruining my yarn! :( I absolutely love your designs!

so i think the one that cynthia's asking about is a panta inspired calorimetry that has ridges sort of like pants but follows the calorimetry pattern for the most part. i think i did knit 2 rows, purl 2 rows paired with the calorimetry shaping for this creates ridges that are similar to the pants working in the opposite direction.

from KeenJoy about the striped hats:
Can you put up a pattern for those hats?! I would love to make one!

most of my hats are free form...i'm generally working on size 8 needles and cast on somewhere between 84 and 90 stitches, depending on what i'm doing. for the striped hats i did about an inch of ribbing followed by stockinette. the stripes i figured out a pattern for while i did it, but neglected to write that down. make up the stripes if you want stripes! generally i do about 6 inches around (i'm usually working on circulars, but you can do this flat too) and then do a pretty standard reduction of k6, k2tog for a row, knit (or purl if you're working flat) a row, then k5, k2tog, knit (or purl if you're working flat) a row, etc.

i didn't include any of the "i love it" messages, so thank you to all the people who have left messages of encouragement and appreciation! :)

i know i've been a particularly crappy blogger, but know that i'm working on it...i find so much inspiration to try new things online and i want to make my contribution to that as well.


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