Monday, April 28, 2008

episode 12: stash tour part deux

hey all!

i'm catching up on show notes for the last few episodes today! so show notes for episode 12 are below...please note that i have linked to some online stores so that you can see the yarns that i spoke about. i picked the sites based on the pictures available to view the yarns. i am not necessairly recommending buying from these stores!


briggs & little heritage 100% wool -

dale of norway: sisik -

eunny jang's tangled yoke sweater:

rhinebeck, new york sheep and wool festival:

brooks farm yarn in lancaster, tx: solo -

a touch of twist in pattersonville, ny: peruvian alpaca - (link to store, not yarn!)

eunny jang's venezia -

maple creek farms: superwash merino -

cascade 220 heathers -

elizabeth zimmerman's seamless hybrid -

debbie bliss: cashmerino chunky -

classic elite: maya - couldn't find a picture for that...

knit picks: wool of the andes -

starsky sweaters - adult:

araucania: atacama -

araucania pronounciation:

colinette: point 5 -;jsessionid=154815f40cd05fa/shopdata/0020_yarns/0007_wools/0040_point+five/full_range.shopscript

knit new york -

clapotis -

baltimore yarn store (i think):

lana grossa: caramella -

suss designs -

hollywood knits -

suss spacedye -

debbie bliss: soho -

craigslist -

manos del urguay -

yarn connection -

noro: kureyon -

suss twisted -


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Ilix said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the first of your podcasts, so I don't have any comments on this episode, but I hope to soon. I like it alot so far.