Saturday, January 15, 2011

episode 44: stories of sweaters

hey all!

show notes are below.


ez's seamless hybrid sweater -

jared flood's (aka brooklyn tweed) seamless hybrid sweater -

serpentine jacket -

knitting nature book -

manos yarn -

urban aran sweater -

jared flood's (aka brooklyn tweed) urban aran sweater -

central park hoodie -

drops sweater -

knit picks open sweater pattern -

berrocco's ultra alpaca -

thermal sweater -

malabrigo yarn in bright, bright yellow -

buttony sweater -

knitting from the top down -

jane cardigan -

custom knits book -

forecast sweater -

february lady sweater -

1 comment:

DianaRodriguez said...

Hi, I just joined your podcast. You make me laugh, I have so many active projects too.

Looking forward to seeing completion of all those sweaters :)