Sunday, September 25, 2011

episode 49: a few of z's favorite things

hi all!
show notes for episode 49 are below.

cogknitive podcast -

knitajourney podcast -

kiping it real podcast -

knitmore girls podcast -

knit picks' podcast -

cecily glowik macdonald -

solstice cardigan -

alderbrook cardigan -

hampton cardigan -

laura chau -

lucy in the sky -

carter cardigan -

amy christoffers -

acer cardigan -

white pine cardigan -

larch cardigan -

linney cardigan -

madeleine tosh yarns -

lace weight madeleine tosh -

quince and co. -

tern -

smooshy sock yarn -

honeybee cardigan -

1 comment:

Tbird0123 said...

I agree with sticking to content in podcasts, but I always enjoy a personal section (properly labeled as in cognitive). A lot of what you named is in my normal rotation as well. However, in the the case of Knitmores (who i love, need to say that first), I feel Jasmine can be so 'business' that things like when her mom had surgery or her current 'sharkbean' deserve proper credit as well. I think it would save them a lot of communication between FB, twitter, ravelry etc, if they would just give us 20 words or less, not too invasive I would be more than satisfied. I understand the all fangirl phenom but unlike actor/actress celebrities who play a part and read lines, knitting podcasts are more 'intimate' does that make sense? We don't want to be intrusive but we want that 'personal touch' as well.