Sunday, March 03, 2013

episode 57: from boredom and back

hi all!

show notes are below!  one correction: i was knitting sleeves for the central park hoodie, not the urban aran!!


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ZPost said...

It is an interesting coincidence I happened upon your podcast. I'm new to following podcasts and picked yours because it was about knitting and had a z in it. :) Turns out I'm at exactly the same knitting block as you described on the Central Park Hoodie - sleeve issues. Your experience was an encouragement to me that I hadn't just messed up. It was what I needed to give me impetus to finally redesign the sleeve and get going again. I'm knitting both sleeves simultaneously this time, and based on your reminder, I'll be sure to pin the sleeve before I try to attach it to the body. :) Thanks for sharing your experience!

zknits said...

haha what a small world! glad you found the podcast z! :)